Real People Do Local Business on the Web

Can Customers Find You?


Many local businesses rely on face to face contact with their customers. They succeed in competition against the large national brands by providing higher quality services and unique products, often with a personal touch. They rely on word-of-mouth advertising and maintaining a good reputation in the community.

Yet local business is changing. New customers are seeking you online, can they find you? Customers now search the internet first when they have a requirement for local products and services. These customers often prefer dealing with a community-based company but they will patronize the national and regional shops if that is all that they can find. is developing internet properties where local businesses and customers can find each other online based on the product or service being sought. It is inexpensive to set up shop in one of our virtual malls and will provide a professional web presence that can be found by anyone with an internet connection. People that browse the businesses at our web-based virtual malls are the highest quality prospects, we promote the malls to people with immediate need for products and services. Additionally we insure that each individual web shop is listed on the major search engines as well as directory services that target your location.